If you are looking for an expert in languages and music, don’t look any further. You found me!

I offer English<>Spanish translation and interpretation services specializing in Classical Music, combining my formal training as a translator/interpreter and violinist, my passion for languages and music and my communication skills.

You might wonder, if any musician can read a music score regardless of their native language, why do I need and interpreter? Well, in a rehearsal, class situation or a conference, we discuss about music beyond the music score. We need to communicate with our fellow musicians and/or students to let them know how we would like the music to be played.


To help you with this, I offer Interpreting services in English and Spanish: consecutive, simultaneous and liaison in all kind of Classical Music events: master classes, conferences or rehearsals.

I also translate all sorts of documents related to Classical Music, such as concert programs, playbills or books from English/Italian/French/Galician into Spanish and Spanish into English.

Do you need a professional trained interpreter who is also an expert in music? Do not hesitate to contact me!!


Do you need a translator in your office but you can’t afford hiring one full time? Work with a self-employed professional translator whenever you require their services.

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